Freshly picked Strawberry Jewellery + Watermelon!

They’re ripe and juicy!

Strawberry bracelet

Flaming Lips on page 1, strawberry and watermelon on page 2;

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I travelled back to 1000 AD and landed in a Viking village

The aroma of barbecue sent me a-whirlin’.My eyes immediately set on the longest link of sausage I had ever laid eyes on. On either side were two huge hunks of mutton. Fresh carrots, onions and mushrooms lay on the grass next to a branched pit over which a black pot was boiling. Wearing a fresh flower wreath atop my head, I entered a tent and chatted with three seated viking women who were weaving and giggling. I pointed at the grey gruel in a bowl on the elaborate red and white rug and inquired, “what’s that?”  Continue reading

Sparkling National Pride–Bead it!

Sweden, Russia, Egypt, Libya, Spain, France, Germany… where’s CANADA?!?!

Never mind, the US isn’t there either.

$20 Preciosa (Czech) crystal beads

Smart Shopper EDU: Platinum vs White Gold; What’s Alpaca Silver?

white gold vs platinum

Depicted: Platinum & White gold Ring–the lighter stripes are platinum whereas the darker stripes are the natural colour of white gold.

  • Platinum: A white metal. Platinum jewellery is usually 95% pure (rather high). This higher purity may explain platinum jewellery’s heavier price tag (double that of 18k gold!) and weight (literally, it has a higher density) in comparison with white gold. Platinum is also more durable and whiter in colour. Continue reading

Smart Shopper EDU: Do you know what’s the difference between gold-filled, gold-plated and gold-washed?

gold wased plated filled

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  • Gold-plated: A layer of gold that’s thicker than gold-washed and less thick than gold-filled.
  • Gold-washed: The thinnest layer of gold pressure-bonded onto another metal.
  • Gold-filled: A thick, outside layer of solid gold. It’s no wonder it looks and feels like solid gold! It’s as hypoallergenic as gold too.
  • It has 100x the gold content of gold-plating. Unlike gold-plating, gold-filled jewellery is regulated and doesn’t tarnish or wear away.

*Gold-filled is the economical alternative to total solid gold jewellery

Decorate your father like a christmas tree: Father’s Day

Sunday, 16 June is Father’s Day

In case you forgot, don’t worry, Man, we’ve got your back.We’ll even gift wrap it for you. Continue reading

Led Zeppelin Frontman Robert Plant and his Metal

Led Zep ain’t heavy metal, rather hard rock. Lords of hard rock, I bow down to you. Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd are my favourite bands. However, Led Zeppelin was way more flashy.

I couldn’t help but notice their flamboyant dress. So stylish. Continue reading

New Wave: June’s fresh creations and other new arrivals

Here’s a new batch of our jewellery! We are also having a June sale, meaning 10% off of pages and pages of items under the category “on sale.” Continue reading