Africa has got you covered

I noticed that African hats such as kurfis and zulu hats were in in the early 90s among the black community. I admire their brazen, ethnic pride. That’ll be pretty cool if there was a resurgence today.


I travelled back to 1000 AD and landed in a Viking village

The aroma of barbecue sent me a-whirlin’.My eyes immediately set on the longest link of sausage I had ever laid eyes on. On either side were two huge hunks of mutton. Fresh carrots, onions and mushrooms lay on the grass next to a branched pit over which a black pot was boiling. Wearing a fresh flower wreath atop my head, I entered a tent and chatted with three seated viking women who were weaving and giggling. I pointed at the grey gruel in a bowl on the elaborate red and white rug and inquired, “what’s that?”  Continue reading

Sparkling National Pride–Bead it!

Sweden, Russia, Egypt, Libya, Spain, France, Germany… where’s CANADA?!?!

Never mind, the US isn’t there either.

$20 Preciosa (Czech) crystal beads

Decorate your father like a christmas tree: Father’s Day

Sunday, 16 June is Father’s Day

In case you forgot, don’t worry, Man, we’ve got your back.We’ll even gift wrap it for you. Continue reading

Led Zeppelin Frontman Robert Plant and his Metal

Led Zep ain’t heavy metal, rather hard rock. Lords of hard rock, I bow down to you. Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd are my favourite bands. However, Led Zeppelin was way more flashy.

I couldn’t help but notice their flamboyant dress. So stylish. Continue reading

Brooch Me

I don’t know why brooches have gone under the radar these days. It seems vintage now. Retro cool. Personally, I love to wear them on coats, vests, blazers, almost any outer layer. It dresses them up.

I’ve hand-picked some brooches with weird shapes. One is…well rectangular but it has the Virgin Mary on it! Continue reading

The 80s Single Dangle Earring

I love it.

  • Rob Lowe wore one in the form of a cross in 1985’s St. Elmo’s Fire.
  • In early Soundgarden footage (e.g. 1986), lead singer Chris Cornell sported a longer, more elaborate dangle featuring what looked like coins. Brave. He can wear anything 🙂 So gorgeous. If you’re curious, see minute 1:20-1:55

  • Peter DeLuise–partner cop to Johnny Depp–wore one in an episode of 21 Jump Street. I think it was the first episode that depicted a car thief also wearing a single dangle earring.

Like the fashion world, I have adopted this to women’s fashion. Continue reading

Men in Makeup


My dad recently told me that some Korean guys wear a little makeup e.g. eye shadow or foundation. I was taken aback by this. I thought it was really cool and daring for these young men to help loosen the constraints of the traditionally unforgiving male gender role. Continue reading

The Indirect Persecution of Hipsters


The Indirect Persecution of Hipsters

Rita A. #655321

The hipster concept isn’t new.


In the late 1950s, white easy-listening music lingered on radio airwaves and dominated record sales. The humble nuclear family revelled in the post-war peace and smiled on. Boy were they unprepared for the 60s. Continue reading