Freshly picked Strawberry Jewellery + Watermelon!

They’re ripe and juicy!

Strawberry bracelet

Flaming Lips on page 1, strawberry and watermelon on page 2;

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Smart Shopper EDU: Platinum vs White Gold; What’s Alpaca Silver?

white gold vs platinum

Depicted: Platinum & White gold Ring–the lighter stripes are platinum whereas the darker stripes are the natural colour of white gold.

  • Platinum: A white metal. Platinum jewellery is usually 95% pure (rather high). This higher purity may explain platinum jewellery’s heavier price tag (double that of 18k gold!) and weight (literally, it has a higher density) in comparison with white gold. Platinum is also more durable and whiter in colour. Continue reading

Smart Shopper EDU: Do you know what’s the difference between gold-filled, gold-plated and gold-washed?

gold wased plated filled

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  • Gold-plated: A layer of gold that’s thicker than gold-washed and less thick than gold-filled.
  • Gold-washed: The thinnest layer of gold pressure-bonded onto another metal.
  • Gold-filled: A thick, outside layer of solid gold. It’s no wonder it looks and feels like solid gold! It’s as hypoallergenic as gold too.
  • It has 100x the gold content of gold-plating. Unlike gold-plating, gold-filled jewellery is regulated and doesn’t tarnish or wear away.

*Gold-filled is the economical alternative to total solid gold jewellery

Led Zeppelin Frontman Robert Plant and his Metal

Led Zep ain’t heavy metal, rather hard rock. Lords of hard rock, I bow down to you. Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd are my favourite bands. However, Led Zeppelin was way more flashy.

I couldn’t help but notice their flamboyant dress. So stylish. Continue reading

New Wave: June’s fresh creations and other new arrivals

Here’s a new batch of our jewellery! We are also having a June sale, meaning 10% off of pages and pages of items under the category “on sale.” Continue reading