Led Zeppelin Frontman Robert Plant and his Metal

Led Zep ain’t heavy metal, rather hard rock. Lords of hard rock, I bow down to you. Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd are my favourite bands. However, Led Zeppelin was way more flashy.

I couldn’t help but notice their flamboyant dress. So stylish. In a 1968 concert, he wore a fantastic billowy, mustard yellow long-sleeved shirt with a black print pattern. I have since fallen in love with yellow. It drives me crazy that I have not a single article of clothing that is yellow. Shopping time! 😀

In the ice cream pic, you could see that he’s sporting a metal necklace, ring and bangle. I saw that he has a collection of bangles, some long, some short. My favourite of his features a turquoise stone. I tried to find one but could only find a plain metal one in town. There were some with fish on it but I opted for a floral pattern. I love wearing it because it makes me feel closer to Zeppelin as well as the mystical, ancient times that their music and fashion sense tend to conjure up. Vikings? Middle Earth? I don’t know but I love it. I wish guys today would grow out their hair, wear jewellery and dress like minstrels again. I miss those puffy sleeves. Sexy.

I admire their daring back in the day however, some of it was a bit ridiculous.

Check out The Who’s Keith “Moon the Loon” drumming with huge, floppy sleeves. He’s awesome 🙂                 I recommend minute 1:15

Check out how Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters use to dress before his simple black t-shirt “uniform.” Pink, frilly and…leather?! At least, he did the band’s name justice. Also featured is Richard Wright’s gorgeous tunic. I want that! That’s probably my favourite piece of men’s wear ever.



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